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10 things I’ll miss about NZ

Posted by: James on: Tuesday, 13th December, 2011

Whittakers 72% Cocoa Chocolate & Peanut Slab I don’t know what I’m going to do without Whittakers. I’ve gradually moved away from milk chocolate and now anything less than 60% cocoa tastes like cooking chocolate to me. The Peanut Slab is just dark chocolate with peanuts in it – but as the name suggests, the […]

I swear it really is greener

Posted by: James on: Saturday, 26th November, 2011

Before I arrived in NZ, I was only vaguely aware that it was comprised of two different islands. At the moment I’m wondering why I spent so much time on the wrong one. Okay, let’s take off the rose-tinted specs for a second: we’re currently on holiday – a three-week road trip around the South […]

Hope, Despair, Trade Me

Posted by: James on: Tuesday, 1st November, 2011

We’re winding up our life in Auckland. Where we’re heading next is not entirely certain. It’s actually not certain at all, but our destination must certainly fall within several parameters, the most limiting of all being that it must be a place where both of us – an unmarried Pom and Yank – are able […]

Contemporary dance: are they just dicking about?

Posted by: James on: Sunday, 9th October, 2011

It’s one of those things you have to do as an open-minded art-lover. I’ve enjoyed musicals and opera and installations where you tread barefoot through talcum powder in a darkened room, so I figured it was about time I saw some contemporary dance. Now what is going to become increasingly apparent in this little post […]

Beer Enlightenment in NZ

Posted by: James on: Tuesday, 9th August, 2011

There are three flavours of ale in NZ: the dark, the medium and the light – or as our friend Drew puts it, the black one, the brown one and the yellow one. These are the three standard flavours and whether you go for Macs, Monteiths or even a microbrew version like Sawmill from the […]

The Antithesis of Cosy

Posted by: James on: Sunday, 31st July, 2011

It is customary in our flat to stand only on the edges of your feet – in this way you minimise contact with the floor, which registers only just above freezing. It is also cusomary to wear at least two pairs of socks, and to sleep almost fully clothed. With a hot water bottle. NZ […]

Garden of Strife. Hehe.

Posted by: James on: Tuesday, 26th July, 2011

Digging our garden is like doing a jigsaw: you look for the straight edges and distinctive colours first. If there’s a straight edge, it’s either a submerged sheet of steel or a shard of manky glass – the muddy splotches of bright colour are clothes pegs, bottle caps and plastic bags. There’s a pretty reliable […]

The Joy of Negative Job Searching

Posted by: James on: Thursday, 23rd June, 2011

As an arts graduate I have learned to be creative with my skillset. The problem – and the advantage – with ‘soft’ skills like ‘communications’ or ‘relationship management’ is that you’re not tied to a particular career; there’s no nice easy job path in front of you, but at the same time you could do […]

Filling in for NZ’s Lost Generation

Posted by: James on: Wednesday, 15th June, 2011

It seems there’s no-one our age (mid-twenties) in Auckland. It’s very peculiar – so deprived are we of social contemporaries that if a shop assistant talks to us nicely, our first reaction is to invite them round for a bottle of home brew. Why are we so rare? Where are all the Kiwi twenty-somethings? Well, […]


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