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Skyrim: A Series of Shallow Interactions

Posted by: James on: Saturday, 9th March, 2013

When I was playing with my brother and friends in the garden as kids, pointing sticks at each other and making ‘peeow pyow’ laser noises there was no grand narrative. I don’t even know why we had chosen lasers instead of shotguns or miniguns or magic spells – it was a pretty simple game and […]

Video games: it’s the implicit choices that are the most disturbing

Posted by: James on: Saturday, 21st January, 2012

God of War 3 jumped the shark. No, that’s not right – it got in the water with the shark and then, with a brutality that would make Gears of War fans wince, it ripped apart that shark and did seriously inappropriate things with its guts. GoW3 was a while ago, but I’ve just watched […]

Life according to the Settlers

Posted by: James on: Tuesday, 30th August, 2011

Did you ever get the urge to just build? It’s one of the most satisfying things to do in a game world – so satisfying that even action-heavy games like Assassin’s Creed II and GTA sometimes feel (mistakenly) that they need to include a section where you can pimp out a settlement or set up […]

Life and Debt in Virtual Reality

Posted by: James on: Saturday, 18th June, 2011

One of the most shamefully addictive games I ever played was Animal Crossing: a game that was clearly meant for children. There are so many bad things to say about Animal Crossing I’m not sure where to begin: the gameplay was horrible; the graphics were too colourful, too rounded and simple to be any good; […]


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