On the platform.

Posted by: James on: Sunday, 15th July, 2012

He dances on the platform. In full view – more – he dances at the head of the platform. The direction the trains come from. So that everyone looking out for their train (or the two trains previous) will notice him. Dancing. On the platform. In plain sight.

Nobody dances with him. Nobody even stands next to him. They would look ridiculous. Standing straight while he dances on the platform. In their proper suit while he dances. In tracksuit bottoms. On the platform. Of all places.

The other day he was on the platform again. I didn’t recognise him at first. He wasn’t dancing. He was just standing. There. On the platform. A little to the tail end of the platform. He got on the second-to-last carriage and was gone.

There’s nobody now. Dancing on the platform. Or if they are, they do it invisibly. Or to music so slow it just looks like normal movement.

So I started. Dancing on the platform. I started small. Little movements. Just my head at first. Nodding. Then I tapped my feet. I’ve been working up. To dancing on the platform. Yesterday I tried to shimmy, then I felt self-conscious. I’ve been trying to dance on the platform. But it’s harder than it looks.

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