Let’s Get AcQuainted

My name is James. Hullo.

Chapter 4: Land of the Free

To reference an earlier post from NZ, we finally took the ‘bloody obvious solution’ to not being allowed to live in the same place without being married. I’m now living in Boston, Massachusetts with Ash and all is well, apart from waiting to get a work permit, but hey – there’s still the second draft of the novel…

Chapter 3: Back in Blighty

What it says on the tin, really. I’m in the UK once more, yoyoing between Sussex, London and Edinburgh. I’ve started writing a novel (first draft imminent) and I think I’m going to take the blog in a slightly different direction – I have a few ‘what if’ posts planned which, even if they don’t dissect the popular myths of modern life, should at least provoke a little thought.

Chapter 2: Thailand

I’m still twenty-something, but back in the Northern hemisphere, seeking my fortune in the rather pleasant wilds of Thailand. Less of a focus on DIY here – more of a focus on inner peace of mind – Buddhism and that, you know?

Chapter 1: New Zealand

I’m a twenty-something Brit currently living in New Zealand – a country that’s sadly short on twenty-somethings. I’m here with my partner, Ashley – who is American, but doesn’t particularly want to be.

I’m bringing a few things to this hemisphere: a basketful of Christmas traditions (which might be redundant in the hot weather); determination that DIY will prevail (I’ve already started home brewing, fixing up things off Freecycle, baking bread and gardening); a smattering of outmoded words like ‘wazzock’ and ‘ptchaw!’; and of course, a love of tea.

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